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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Heritage Dental accept my insurance?

There are thousands of different insurance plans, and each are unique for each employee. We do submit for a majority of insurances. Give us a call during our regular business hours and we'd be happy to look in to your specific plan. 

What forms of payment does Heritage Dental accept?

Our current accepted payment methods include all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover), cash, check and Care Credit. Payment is due at time of service.

All services not covered by your dental plan will be billed directly to a patient's address on file and will be due upon receipt. For any additional questions please call 843.830.4745 and ask for "Billing". You can also email us.

Is Heritage Dental open on Saturdays?

Our office is closed on the weekends, however, for your convenience we are here after traditional business hours during the week and early mornings, starting at 7am. Visit our contact page to view a full list of our hours.

Will the entire New Patient Exam be covered by my insurance?

The thorough comprehensive exam includes, documenting any cavities, missing or
 unerupted teeth, existing restorations, gum disease and an oral cancer 
check. All of these examinations are usually covered 100% under most benefit plans. If your Perio charting returns showing healthy gums and bone, than a prophylaxis cleaning will be done.

If the Perio charting comes back with unhealthy tissue and a prophylaxis cleaning can not be done, the appropriate deep cleaning would be completed. Deep cleanings vary based on severity and an out of pocket expense can be expected for this treatment.

Do I have to get x-rays?

Dental x-rays are used for diagnosing and treating problems that can't be seen with the naked eye. X-rays reveal cavities between the teeth or hidden by fillings, infections in the bone, fractures, gum disease, abscesses, cysts, and tumors. To give each of our patients the most thorough care we recommend completing a new set of X-rays upon visiting our office for the first time. It's one of the key tools we use to guarantee you have a healthy smile.



Our office is currently booking appointments for regular and emergency services including routine cleanings and scheduled procedures. With added protection for you and our staff in place, we're excited to see you soon!